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Bringing Kindness

Be kind 

Bringing Kindness


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Bringing Kindness. COLOMBIA

Bringing Kindness is a non-profit organization that cares for people in need. We believe that every person is important.  We bring clothes, food and opportunities to people's homes and neighborhoods where poverty is great and opportunies are limited. We believe that giving is better than receiving. We invite you to be part of this lovely vision.


Staff & volunteers

We have a dedicated team of family and friends with alike mentality of making a difference in the world.  We look to help those in need and create sustainable opportunities where people can work together and support each other. There is always space for committed volunteers to work alongside with us to help us accomplish our mission. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us and be part of #TEAMKIND! 


Since 1997, we have Partnered with other charity foundations and faith based organizations to bring kindness to families in need in different countries around the world including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil. We've helped built and rebuild homes to elders living in poor and unsafe conditions.


Bringing Kindness is committed to helping others improve their living condition. 

We go in person to distribute and share with those in poor communities,

Our vision is to be able to reach out and bring kindness to inmates in prisons, orphaned children, prostitutes, new born kids in maternity hospitals.  We count on the support, prayers and donations of kind individuals to advance in this endeavors.

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Your generosity and contributions  will make a great difference in the life of many.


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Bringing Kindness


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